VRISKA: Oh pleeeeeeeease. I hardly think I’m a 8ad person for failing to give a shit a8out a 8illion meaningless dead Nepetas, do you?! 
ARADIA: ive met most of those nepetas theyre all very nice
he probs hit on her first and then she started hitting on him back and then he didn’t kno what to do because he’s never gotten that far before lmfoao
WHy DOEs NOBODy SHiP THIS EXCePt Me??!?!? i need more Nepeta<3<Eridan in my life
some of my fantroll girlies! if anyone ever wants to rp hit me up, I dont have any rp friends~ jvj
OnlineKid on DA is holding a  MYO Candybal contest!! You get to make one of these cute little eel looking things THEY ARE SO CUTE IM DYING.
trying to think of a sweatshirt design for my casual fefetasprite cosplay! What do you guys think??? jVj
rough housin’
Do you do commissions?

I do!! But Im currently not open! Sorry about that vov


its not a popular headcanon but sometimes I like to imagine nepeta being chubby because you now cats eat a fucking lot and get fat and are rllllllly cute