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Random Fact about Vullowisps
Vullowisps have snouts similar to that of a fox, but they have noses more like a reptile. They have two nostrils instead of a visible nose.
I really dont want to hear any gripping if you don’t think they are original enough to be closed. In the ‘New Species’ Community there has been a lot of gripping over closed species not being original enough to be considered ‘Closed’. Please don’t even waste your time. 
I love your art! Your style is amazing and very expressive. I love the colors you choose for your characters. I would like to know what programs you use. I draw too and would like to find better programs to improve! ;D Thank you! ~♥

thank you so much omfg!! Paint Tool Sai is a really nice program to use. It makes your lines super smooth and is extremely customizable with brushes it’s just super nice, and I recommend it~

Hi pidie, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could make a emofuri tutorial ; U ; if it wouldn't be too much trouble.


SCREAM I don’t know if I have anything to add to the existing tutorials out there so since these seemed to work for me personally, here’s some links to useful tutorials!!

Intro + download link for emofuri

i want to make an emo furry lmao


omghfhhhh ////o///// THANK YOU?!?!??! aaaaaaaaaaa IM BLUSHING SO LOUDLY

ADOPTABLE AUCTION HERE: http://chalnsaw.deviantart.com/art/DRAFINE-AUCTION-Four-RARITIES-463799961
my fave hobby is making 500000 furry characters